OrthoPred applies artificial intelligence: our state of the art deep learning tools are analyzing MSK medical images to assist medical professionals in making diagnoses as fast and accurate as possible.


Knee anatomy

Our deep learning algorithms automatically annotate knee MRI scans.

Meniscal&ligament tears

ACL and meniscal tears are detected and localized.

Our Solution

Our DeepKnee auto-annotator platform can be directly integrated into existing local PACS workflow: clinical validation study is just starting at Semmelweis University and Buda Health Center.


Andor Viktor Gál, CEO

Musculoskeletal radiologist with PhD in bioinformatics, MRI sequence programming license, substantial experience in neural network implementation, medical image processing. 

József Edőcs, CTO

Medical software engineer, former leading MR and CT engineer at Philips Healthcare with a degree in informatics. 

István Hajdú

Machine learning researcher with background in theoretical and medical imaging physics. Experience in imaging software development in corporate environment (Bosch). 

Ágnes Bereczki

Project coordinator, setting up and following workflows that improve the functioning of the administration